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Naming Ceremonies

Once your bundle of joy has arrived you will be thinking how to introduce them to your family and friends.

The tradition in the past has been to have a Christening at Church. However, a lot of people feel that as they no longer attend Church this is hypocritical. They also want to give their child a choice about religion when they grow up, instead of deciding for them now.

There is an alternative. As a Celebrant, I am able to write and conduct a personalised, spiritual and unique Naming Ceremony for your child.  I can include rituals and you can select Guardians who act in place of God Parents, adults who promise to support and develop your child as they grow.

The ceremony can be held at any venue of your choice and you are able to then continue the celebration afterwards with your family and friends, having welcomed your child to their loving community.

Naming ceremonies don’t just have to be for new born babies though.  I can also create naming ceremonies for adopted children, older children, adults changing their name and transgender transitions. 

For any of the ceremonies read my description of what a Celebrant is and what happens when you book a Celebrant here.  Then give me a call and let’s have a chat about YOUR ceremony.